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Are you a restaurateur or manager of an accommodation facility?


Since the beginning, our company has always sought a direct relationship with the world of catering in general.
For us, it is not simply a sales channel, but an opportunity for discussion to improve our products every day.
We do not propose to each new customer simply to buy our products, but to establish a business relationship with us, and the two are very different.

Contact us and we will be happy to let you try our products; your opinion is important to us.

If over time we have also specialized in the production of fiordilatte mozzarella for pizzerias, we owe it above all to the feedback from our customers, in particular those who have been following us for decades, in a relationship that is no longer just commercial but is made of reciprocal esteem and respect.
La nostra mozzarella fiordilatte per pizzeria non è semplicemente la solita mozzarella in confezioni più grandi, è realizzata con particolari accorgimenti, mirati ad ottenere un prodotto che verrà cotto in forno e non consumato a crudo
Ugualmente per gli altri formaggi, la nostra varietà non nasce solo da nostre intuizioni ma anche dalle richieste dei nostri clienti, ristoranti interpreti della tradizione gastronomica toscana dove un tagliere ricco e abbondante non manca mai.

With the agritourisms the collaboration comes spontaneous: agritourism is almost synonymous with Tuscany, and we are in Tuscany and we produce Tuscan cheeses.
Those who choose to go to a farm want to experience the area of their holiday destination with particular attention, also from a gastronomic point of view, and we offer artisan cheeses , an expression of the territory in which we live, certainly not available on the shelves of large retailers .
On request, we also offer farm holidays the delivery of our products upon departure of their guests, for those who want to take home a "gastronomic postcard" of our Tuscany.

Within our "range of action" (ie in the area closest to us) we personally deliver our products to restaurants, pizzerias, agritourisms as well as to food shops .
Where the distance prevents us from making deliveries with our own vehicles, we still maintain a personal relationship with customers, and when we can we are also pleased to visit the realities we collaborate with in person.
In the same way we are happy that those who wish to come and visit our factory, to get to know our reality in person.

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