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From 1971

The company grows and develops over time

Thedairy was originally founded in 1971, when Aldo and Fulvio Forsoni decided to work directly on the milk produced in their own family farm. They worked on it in person, together with their wives, so the company grew up and developed, keeping its family management until today.
At the beginning they called the cheesemakers of the”scuola casearia” (dairy school) of Latina in order to learn the technique “on field”, but slowly the owners came up with a personal method of production,

enriching what they had learnt thanks to their practical skills and to their continuous comparison with the customers, who are the final addressees of the products, whom the cheeses are sold directly to, without any intermediary
The company has constantly kept its activity throughout the years; today it is managed by the cousins Flavio and Fabio in first person, Aldo e Fulvio Forsoni’s sons.

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